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The resources included in this project contains libraries and additional utilities such as: T4 template and code snippets.
For now it's been tested with ASP.NET MVC 3 project with Razor view engine but I guess with some modifications it should also be usable with WebForms view engine to support ASP.NET MVC 1/2 and WebForms pages.

How it works

One of the most important elements is the T4 template that scans through view files and searches for special expressions:

@S("IHtmlString text that can be edited")
@R("Regular String text that can be edited")
@S("IHtmlString text that can be edited with index marker", 1)
@S("IHtmlString text that can be edited with args {0}", null, "EAS is awseome!")

From those expressions, the template creates a simple source code file that contains all the editable strings. Note that because this is done at compilation time, there's almost no performance impact at run-time.

At run-time those expressions are evaluated to final edited values. It the user is authorized then he/she can edit original values. Those changed values are then stored in one of the storage provider classes:
  1. Memory storage provider - this is basically a test storage provider, just keeps data untill application is recreated
  2. Entity Framework storage provider - uses EDMX, ObjectCache classes and MSSQL back-end as a persistent storage
  3. custom storage provider - basically all you have to do is to implement simple IEASStorageProvider interface

Check other documentations pages for more information.

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