Project Description
Edit (easily) Any String on ASP.NET MVC website - simple and easy to use library that allows you to edit almost any "static" string on a website.

Say you've just created an awesome website/webapplication in ASP.NET MVC 3 (with hundreds of Razor cshtml views) but your client suddenly at the end of the project wishes for a web tool that allows him to edit almost every string on the website, including labels in registration forms, static pages titles, labels on buttons/inputs etc.
(inspired by real life case)

So now you have some options:
  1. install Visual Studio Express and teach client how to operate SVN/TFS/Hg and edit Razor views
  2. use .NET resx files and give client tool to edit resx files
  3. use EAS (that's Edit Any String - this library)
It's clear that option number 1 is out of a question, option number 2 might be acceptable but it certainly will be very laborious (first create resx file, then add entry in resx file and finally use compiled entry in view).
EAS library tries to address above issues. It allows you to define (with minimal effort) which strings in Razor views should be made editable by admin directly in specific view or in admin panel.
For this, we can try to say that EAS is some sort of "super-micro-cms" ;)

The library is in early stage but already usable. Please see documentation for more information about using it in your project.

If you have encountered any bugs or have an idea about new feature - please use issue tracker or discussions page. If you would like to help develop it, then contact me. At this stage any help will be appreciated.

Note: if you find it useful, I'd appreciate if you let me know!

Check out other project that might be useful for you: - file manager based on a great elFinder 2.X library

Some screenshots:
Highlighted editable strings
Highlighted editable strings

Inline editing
Inline editing

Showing all editable strings on page
Showing all editable strings in one table on a page

Bulk edit in table
Bulk edit in table

  • jQuery + (for editing data in admin panel)
  • Autofac (version 2.6.3 - but any should be compatible)
  • Json.NET (version 4.5.9) (for editing data in admin panel)

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